Can I Shoot You?

There is method behind my madness!


Two weeks ago, I touched on someone that inspired me creatively and visually.  This week, I want to talk about a few of my surreal images and the inspiration behind them.

Sometimes I find that inspiration can be found in my mood and the way I am feeling that day. A lot of times it is from a negative perspective that I turned into something positive.

For example: My image “Eye in the Sky”. Originally it was a concept born because at that time in my life I felt like no one was around for me emotionally. (Eww….sounds so lame now, but hey I was 22 and over dramatic…)  The eye was going to be me looking out for me, the only person I could most definitely rely on.  As I started to think over how I was going to compose the image, I thought why not turn it in a positive light and make the eye represent more than just me, but instead made the eye represent God and the road represented the future he had laid out for me.


“Eye of the sky” Adriana Acevedo 2004

Another image I began to compose in a negative way was “To Persevere”. The image was supposed to show someone prior to impacting the hard floor.  I wanted to show my struggle with my photography career.  The dingy rugged setting was representative of falling and getting back up. I decided to change the name when I realized that as a creative, I have to continue to work hard and make my photography “hobby” into more than just a hobby, but a career! I think it perfectly captures my leaps and tumbles as I grow as a photographer and artist.

“To Persevere” Adriana Acevedo 2012

The final image I chose to share the inspiration behind is “Releasing my creativity”. And the reason that I chose this one in particular because I feel like it totally summed up my experience with Brooke Shaden when I attended her workshop back in March of 2012. Never in my life did I ever feel so inspired and EMPOWERED to do anything I wanted!  I left the workshop shaking with ideas for image composites for the future! But I will leave my experience meeting Brooke for another blog post! Next blog will show how I organize my ideas and the execution!


"Releasing my creativity" Adriana Acevedo 2012

“Releasing my creativity” Adriana Acevedo 2012

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2 thoughts on “There is method behind my madness!

  1. If I haven’t told you this before, shame on me, but I look to you for inspiration. I love the work you do. I have to be a bit honest, I am sort of glad to hear you struggle as well. I thought maybe it was my lack of creativity, stuck in a blah 9-5 job, etc. that made me struggle. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. You’ll be amazing, I just know it.

    • Aww Brenda! (I am blushing!)
      I agree, being stuck in the regular 9-5 makes me feel like I am totally going crazy sometimes too. Honestly, I think once I get brave enough (or more financially stable) to quit, things will get better. But until then…I struggle! Screw that Brenda…the future is now! We have to take our own future and mold it now! okay, enough of that for now I have to get back to work…. 😉

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