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Computer crashes, old friends and lessons learned…the hard way


My little partner in crime Raven helping me decide what to paint next! ūüėČ
Sorry really bad cell phone pic!

So 2013 is going really well!

2012 did however end on a bad note with my computer crashing leaving me without my tools I edit with (Photoshop CS5, Lightroom, my Wacom tablet etc, etc), I just tried to ignore the problem til now. One thing it did do was remind me how much I needed to back up all my files not just once but twice AND on a monthly schedule. Lesson learned…

Realizing that I lost 2012’s photography work entirely was crushing, but then realizing I lost my¬†niece¬†Juliana’s newborn photos and my trip to Paris just to name a few…rendered me completely¬†breathless.

Trying not to have a complete meltdown I first got someone in line to try to save my computers hard drive disk. (Sorry if the terminology is not correct…I’m more than lacking in the CPU language department). ¬†And the second thing I did was buy another backup hard drive so that next time it happens the blow wont be so devestating. ¬†So, I have not really taken any photographs because I have no where to save them through.

Instead of totally losing my mind, I have been taking my creative energy and applying it somewhere else.

I called on some ¬†old friends named “Watercolor” and “Oil Pastels” recently and I can’t believe I¬†haven’t¬†kept up with that old hobby in more than two years. I forgot what a wonderful stress reliever painting is!

I remember when my sister Amanda introduced me to oil pastels! They are amazingly blendable (is that a word? oh well…) ¬†and layering colors are so much fun. And watercolors have such a mind of their own, its been so refreshing learning techniques to manipulate the paint into doing what you want.


A work in progress,”The Sea Monsters beauty queen” mixed media done in charcoal,watercolor & ink

Any way…whats the point of this blog post again? ¬†Oh yeah, basically, this is just to let everyone know that there will be no photography posts until I get my laptop back. ¬†I will post photos from my phone or some straight out of the camera as long as I can squeeze them in during my breaks at work! ¬†This is going to be super hard for me considering I love to edit and work on composite images.

I do intend on starting a 52 project as soon as my editing studio is up and running! ¬†Until next time…

Adriana ūüėČ

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2 thoughts on “Computer crashes, old friends and lessons learned…the hard way

  1. That you lost all your photos is so MEGA annoying! Sometimes that stuff happens and like you said it makes you learn the hard way. At least the wait has brought out your painting side again… I think that’s great!

    • It was a crushing blow, buy why waste time pining over something I may never get back right? I have to vent creatively in some way, may be one day I will get brave and try oils like you! XOXO!

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