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A new year, a life style change.

Lets start fresh! Lets change our life style and habits!

Lets start fresh! Lets change our life style and habits!

Lose weight.  Save money. Get out of debt. Stop smoking

Sound familiar?  These are some of the most commonly BROKEN resolutions every time we circle around the sun.

This year, I have decided to make New Year life style changes in my life, not resolutions.

Instead of the “I am going to lose weight” resolution, I have decided to continue to make fitness and healthy eating a priority in my every day life and in doing that I will become closer to my goal of training to become a Les Mills BodyCombat instructor.

Wow, now that sounds more like a plan to me! Love it.

On to my next life style change…

Instead of me saying, ” I am going to save money for a new 5DMark III”, I have decided to set up a separate savings account specifically for that goal. Every month it will instantly transfer a set amount of money into that account so that way, I won’t even “miss” it.

Lets replace that “I want to start my own business” resolution with actually taking on clients I normally would not take and find my own niche in the photography world.  I just opened my own Etsy shop so I can sell my fine art prints and get myself out there! I also ordered  new business cards that are going to be fun and catch the attention of the kind of clients I want. AND I started a 52 project which is a photo a week journal that will post to this blog and onto my Flickr account!

The list goes on…I have more life style changes for myself, but they are a bit more personal so I will keep them to myself. I hope you try to keep your life style change throughout the new year and if that works out for you, keep that change for many years to come!

No more crazy unattainable resolutions for me! This is a year of change and doing not wishing and wanting! 🙂

Much love, happiness and well wishes for you this 2013!


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4 thoughts on “A new year, a life style change.

  1. Ralinda on said:

    Yay! I will be rooting for you! My goal for this year is to put me first mind body and soul! 🙂

  2. what a good blog post! I struggle with them! (and now reading yours I may rewrite my 2013 goals post lol) I think having a separate bank account is a great idea.. It makes it easier! Just put it out of your mind when it goes in there, and don’t ever dip into it. ❤

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